Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Perfect Circle "eMOTIVe" - Showbox at the Market TONIGHT!!!

I hadn't heard a peep out of anything Tool related for quite a few years, but flying under the radar and announcing something massive is definitely their M.O. Album, tour, tour, hiatus, buzz about doing something, loooong hiatus, tour, a few painstaking months before the new album, and thus the cycle continues. The A Perfect Circle tour announcement literally had me firing on all engines. I was texting, IMing, scouring the Internet for information all while at work. In no way shape of form did I have the capacity to focus on anything else. At the time I still had no idea that each of the 3 shows were going to be an album played in its entirety. As you can imagine, I was on another planet after hearing that. The purchase of these tickets was by FAR the most difficult and stressful ordeal I've ever experienced in order to get into a show. And those of you who know me, and know how many shows I go to, this is a pretty bold proclamation.

I've been a Tool fan since the beginning. My passion for this band, what they can do, and anything that they touch has NEVER subsided. Needless to say, I've been following APC for just as long and feel exactly the same way about them. Tonight I will see them perform "eMOTIVe" in its entirety. Released in 2004 on Election Day, this album is a collection of politically charged covers, my favorite being a cover of John Lennon's "Imagine". I had already anticipated that the level of emotion during this show would be through the roof for the simple fact that it's going to be AMAZING, but I suspect that given the political connotations it will add another level. I'm beyond thankful to Nate for helping me get these tickets and can't believe what I'm about to be a part of. Bucketlist item FOR SURE!!!

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